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Get where you want to go faster with less effort. Get everyone on the same page so you can get stuff done with less hassle and more results.

YES, we can help you with your unique business and complex challenges.


YES, this works for remote and hybrid teams.


Find out how

Cut project lifecycles in half.

Remove blockers.

Make every day count.

Take our 5 Day Breakthrough workshop to align and unlock your team’s success.

Stop Wasting Time. Get Stuff Done.


Streamline Your Leadership Goals

Cut through the chaos of too-many-initiatives. Our strategic sessions help you zero in on what really drives value.

Multiply Employee Productivity

We help you tap into the hidden potential of every team member, turning them into high-impact players doing meaningful work.

Unlock Team Synergy and Value Creation

Our workshop gets your team to function like a well-oiled machine, driving value that's not just additive‚ÄĒit's exponential.

Our 3 Step Plan is Simple.

Alignment and Clarity In Days not Months.

Step 1

Initial Call and Pre-Assessments

We discuss your situation and use our proprietary ‚Äú19 Prompts‚ÄĚ to determine fit and where and how we can help.

Step 2

Simple to do Pre-Work and Workshop Activity

Low effort team assessments and warm ups to set stage for the upcoming Workshop. Then a highly engaged set of days together during workshop.

Step 3

Team Breakthrough and Rapid Value Creation

Fully aligned with clear direction on what is valued and valuable so you can do your best and most meaningful work as a high performing team.

RocketLeap Workshops

All of our workshops and consultings sessions include training on our proprietary frameworks, models, and GSD Methods for Alignment and Action and are customized to your specific context.


Hands-on exercises.

Expert-led sessions.

Actionable solutions. 


Get Unstuck

Improved Communication

An environment where information is shared transparently, expectations are made clear, and feedback is constructive.


Align on Vision and Shared Objectives

A unified vision or goal that every team member understands and is committed to achieving.


High Trust

A culture where team members trust one another and leadership, leading to open collaboration and reduced friction.

Day 1

Goal Calibration And Team Work

Day 2

Vision, Values NorthStar & Hedgehog

Day 3

Number One Business Priorities

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The Breakthrough

Everything in the "Get Unstuck" workshop:
  • Goal Calibration and Team Work
  • Vision, Values, NorthStar & Hedgehog
  • Number One Business Priorities


 Clarity and Cohesion

Everyone on the same page and working together to understand and prioritize what is best for the business. Everyone's expertise and collective genius are applied for hyper focus on alignment and impact.

Prioritized Action and Commitment
A deeply engaging process of all working together to identify issues and opportunity, what is holding you back, and what gives you the breakthrough you need with clear initiatives, success criteria, and committed doers.

Day 4

Good Ideas For Growth, Impact and Solutioning

Day 5

30-60-90 Plan with Road Map & Value Horizons

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Beyond Clarity, Collaboration, and Cohesion

As a team, you can expect:

Improve Communication

From a state of information silos and misunderstandings To a culture of open, transparent communication.

Breakdown Silos ⇨ Increase Transparency

Higher Efficiency

From a state of disparate individual goals to a unified team objective that everyone is aligned with.

Fragmented ‚á® Aligned

 Boosted Morale

From a culture of suspicion and hesitancy to an environment of mutual trust and psychological safety.

Low Trust ‚á® High Trust

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Get your team laser focused
  • Get your team 100% dialed in
  • Get everyone pulling in the same direction¬†
  • Level up¬†your team
  • Get everyone speaking the same language¬†
  • Get everyone pulling their weight
  • Get quick wins
  • Get excited again

What People Are Saying

Our client's success speaks volumes.

"I would recommend them to ANY size business in getting to that ‚Äúnext level‚ÄĚ. 100% worth every bit of time, effort and money that we spent on it. We would do it again! To any other business that is looking for clarity and unity, this is invaluable! What an incredible blessing they were to us in getting us ‚Äúunstuck‚ÄĚ and moving forward."¬†

Sarah Hyde-Williams

Small Business Owner

"I’ve gone through several of Justin’s workshops and each time I pick up new tools and approaches that strengthen my leadership and execution across our complex global initiatives. Learning about artifacts, VIM, and cross-functional commitments has been priceless tools for my tool box. I highly recommend his workshops and coaching if you want to grow and get better results." 

Rick Brown

Fortune 100 Executive

"I needed help with seeing past my blind spots and knowing which levers to pull for my business. The workshop helped me and my team identify important challenges we were avoiding and create an action plan to address them. Their ability to synthesize my business and reflect it back to me made things click together in ways I didn’t realize I was missing before. Highly recommend this for anyone needing clarity and focus." 

Sarah Sears


The Cost of Waiting

  Time - Each passing day without clarity is lost potential and momentum

  Focus - Misalignment leads to diluted efforts and missed opportunities

  Value - Delaying action negatively impacts immediate value creation

The Benefits of Acting Now

  Acceleration - Act now to turn each subsequent day into higher impact

  Compounding - Alignment creates a flywheel effect of focused effort

  Impact - This isn't just strategy - it's value calibration for immediate execution

Bottom Line

  What's in it for you?
Rapid growth, streamlined operations, unified teams, eliminate blindspots

  Problems we solve
Stagnation, lack of clarity, misalignment, focus on impact opportunities

Remove blockers, get strategic clarity, get unstuck, get aligned, get stuff done as a great team

Did you know?


of the leaders we work with said they need to drive clarity so they could focus and solve important problems  impeding progress and value creation. 


of the leaders we work with stated that alignment issues on a shared goal or vision was a  big problem  holding back their team and strategic objectives.

Every day of chaos is a missed opportunity. Each day lost is a compounding hit to your bottom line.


Act Now:

The Compounding Opportunity Cost - The clock is ticking. Every day of misalignment and lost focus is a day of lost revenue, missed opportunities, and increased operational costs. Our workshop is designed to help you pivot from a reactionary stance to proactive and value-generating. Let's make every day a strategic advantage for your business.

What's at stake?

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Who we are

We enable teams to produce exponential value. 


Justin McCullough

20 years experience building high performing teams and scaling B2B enterprise software and hardware products in PropTech, E-commerce, and FinTech. 

  • 3x Founder.¬†
  • Built multiple SaaS platforms.

Led sales, marketing, engineering, product, and operations teams. Scaled two Ecommerce Platforms, acquired by Capital One. Former roles include Global Product Leader at CBRE, Global Head of Real Estate at Willow, Chief Product Officer at Facility Solutions Group. 11 Years Chief Product Officer, 7 Years Sr Level Marketing Roles, 4 Years Chief Operations Officer.

Joe Hill

25 years experience leading high performing teams for large-scale deployment of technical solutions and construction projects in Real Estate, PropTech and Retail.

  • Project Management¬†SME (Agile, Scrum, PMP, CSM)
  • Built multiple Hardware & IoT Solutions.

Operationalized over $300M in small building smart technology projects (AT&T, Walgreens, Ulta, Circle K, Verizon). Built out 24/7 call center for monitoring and support of enterprise small building customers using smart building technologies. Created & deployed two BAS solutions across 15,000 small buildings.

Consulting Focus Areas

We provide services to help you as much or as little as you need.  This is where RocketLeap can have a tremendous impact on implementing your workshop results.  Whether you want us to be there day-to-day, provide quarterly reviews, or even "phone a friend" mentoring, we have a plan to help you succeed.

Long Range Strategy
Daily Action & Results

Executive Mentoring

  • Clarity & Transformation Initiatives, Leadership Offsites
  • Growth Strategy
  • Vision, Values, & Long-term Strategic Planning




Long Range Strategy

Fractional Executive

  • CPO: Product Strategy & Product Management
  • CPO+CMO: Brand + Go-To-Market Strategy, Val Prop, Sales & Launch Strategy.¬†
  • COO: Prioritizing Resources Executing Vision, Operationalizing Teams.



Strategic Planning

  • Product Strategy & Development Roadmap
  • Go To Market Strategy, Customer Journey, & Competitive insights
  • Impact Objectives, Growth Engine, Cross-Functional Roadmap



Operationalize & Scale

  • Product Development, Sales Operations, Pipelines, & Partnerships
  • Agile / Scrum implementation. Building GSD Teams, Delivering Outcomes
  • Sprints / Daily Action, Blocker Removal, Decisive Leadership



Daily Action & Results

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